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Thank you for the
splendid Catalog
of great Aircraft.

You folks have

done yourselves
proud in designing
and offering planes
from B-36s to

- Ken Kenyon






Hello Fellow Aviation Enthusiast

Garden Airways came about from my interest in whirligigs
and flying. One day I combined the two and made a weather
vane of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the plane I was flying at the
time. See Customer Pictures/Cessna Skyhawk

Before Garden Airways there was the Model Shop at Hughes
Aircraft Company where the Model Builders turned out high
quality Models in short periods of time. We received many Craftsmanship & Superior Performance Awards.

As a Hughes Aircraft model builder of 14 years I did design
fabrication, interpreting and construction of detailed & complex prototypes for use in Customer Sales, Solving design problems
& Displays for shows.

In the Model Shop I worked from engineering drawings
and specifications, raw sketches and verbal direction
using innovative techniques. I worked to close tolerances
in wood, plastic, metal or whatever I could find that would
do the job. Customers were furnished with a completed
product that was not only beautiful to look at, but a
functional, moving item.
Some of Our Projects included: Radar units for: attack
aircraft, like the F-18 and F-15; Optical Sights for: aircraft,
tanks, helicopters; Space Shuttle Communications Array
and Satellite Release Mechanisms; Galileo Jupiter
Descent Probe Mock-Up & Wiring Fixture.

Garden Airways allowed me to combine my love of
aircraft with my abilities as a Modeler.  The idea has grown
to include many other aircraft. I try to make each as realistic-
looking as possible for those who may have liked the real
aircraft, but could not own one. With a weathervane built
from a Garden Airways Plan, Your Imagination will let You
Pilot Your Own Personal Aircraft.

Garden Airways will continue to search for aircraft that are
Exciting to the Imagination and to the Thrill of Flying.

Jonathan P. Angle CEO
of Garden Airways

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