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If You like Airplanes, & that is why You
are here, Garden Airways has Airplanes
for You, from Rutans to Peacemakers!!

Getting Started

We offer Plans for You to build Realistic-Looking, 3-D, Aircraft, Weathervane Models Using Full Size Drawings and suggested
Colorful Paint Schemes. All the Information You will need to build
Your Dream Aircraft the simplest and easiest way for You.

"I want to thank you & Garden Airways for providing airplane
plans to allow us air enthusiasts to build our dream planes.  Sure
have fun at it. Your blueprints are collectors’ items in themselves.
Well drawn and understandable to any average person.
Keep up the good work!"
- Don Weyenberg

We have Woodworking Plans for a variety of Aircraft. They will
Enhance Your Garden, Yard or Patio Airspace!!  Check out what
Our Customers have done in Our Customer Picture Gallery

Good Hunting!!

Please Bookmark this site now so that You can easily come back
to it visit Us again. Thank You!!

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What Are These Things?
What they are. What they will do for
You. What equipment You will need.
What materials You will use.
How Do I Get Them?
Payment by Check or Money Order.
Each in U.S. Funds Only.
’All Orders
must be Prepaid’
before we can ship
Your Order to You. Provide a
Number & Email Address
if we have
to contact You about Your Order.
What Will I Get?
You will get Instructional Materials
in the Order Package. What is typical
on all Plans that You Order. A
comes with Your Order.
What Will It Cost Me?
A list of all the Plans with Prices,
and Shipping & Handling charges.
How Do I Mount Them?
Plans for building the suggested
Mounting Support System (MSS)
that You will get with Your Order.
Customer Pictures
Photos of Models built by many of
Our satisfied Customers & Us.


Available Model Plans
View our line by Model Groups of
Model Aircraft Weathervanes that
You can Order & Build:  Civilian to
Business to WWII Fighters & WWII
Bombers to Flying Boats. 10 Groups.
Samples Of Our Plans
Samples of Garden Airways Plans
of Our Aircraft Weathervanes.
About The Company
How it all came about. History and
experience of the CEO who started
Garden Airways and why.

Models Coming Up
Aircraft Plans We will be bringing
to you in the Future.
Your Comments To Us
Evaluate our Website by filling out
Our Questionnaire. What You would
like to see & have provided to make
it easy for You at this site.
Other Website Links
Links to other Websites that have
Aircraft Weathervane Models that
You can have Made & Purchase.
Made from Metal or Wood.


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